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Company Overview

MCT Marketing was founded in 1993. Prior to branching out into the recruitment industry, we consulted on various Marketing and Advertising projects, which involved interacting with Brand and Marketing Managers within the FMCG industry. As a result of the knowledge and contacts in the industry, a strategic decision was taken to offer a specialist recruitment service to clients in the FMCG and Pharmaceutical industry in 1997. We currently recruit for various Blue Chip and Multi-National companies.

Field of Recruitment

MCT Marketing specialises in FMCG and Pharmaceutical Sales and Marketing Recruitment and extends to positions in Research, Analytical and Support staff, Corporate Communication, Advertising and PRO positions.

Our top candidates include Brand Managers (various levels), Marketing Managers; Marketing Directors; New Product Development Managers; Category Managers; Category Directors; Customer Managers; Channel Managers; Business Development Managers; Senior Market Research Executives, Managers and Directors; Area, Regional and National Sales Managers & Sales Directors. In addition, we have a broad range of candidates with experience in Communication, Media, Advertising and Public Relations.

Turnaround Time

We undertake to provide a selection of candidates within 1-5 days of receiving a Jobspec and encourage clients to interview and provide feedback within a similar time period. This demonstrates to the candidates the company's commitment/intention to employ.

Having been exposed to the FMCG Sales and Marketing area for over 15 years and the recruiting process for over 7 years, we have built up an extensive knowledge and database of candidates and clients. We constantly look for ways to improve, innovate and manage change within our business.

MCT Vision

1.1 Company Vision

Our mission is to provide both clients and candidates with professional, efficient and effective service by offering the best selection of candidates and positions, resulting in valuable, long-term placements and career moves

1.2 Black Economic Empowerment (BEE) Statement

Our intent is to address racially based income and social inequalities in South Africa by the active encouragement of black economic participation, through skills transfer and company ownership.

MCT Mission

Company Mission
MCT is about people - our staff, our customers and our candidates.

We strive for excellence in all our endeavours utilizing the marketing concept as our core business philosophy (customer orientation, goal orientation and a systems approach) while embracing our corporate value system.

Our Corporate Value system is as follows:
  • We believe people count and through a process of empowerment represent our sole sustainable competitive advantage.
  • We subscribe to the ideal that trust, fairness, honesty and integrity permeate all facets of our relationship between our colleagues, our customers and our candidates.
  • We will passionately embrace the values of an entrepreneurial spirit, innovation and a pioneering culture - understanding it is a lot more challenging blazing our own path into the future rather than playing catch-up to someone else.
Through the successful implementation of the above we will ?/strong>
  • Ensure a favourable return on equity.
  • Bring about the creation of a compelling place in which to work and a compelling place for our customers and candidates to conduct the business of selection and recruitment.
  • Create a learning environment where calculated risk taking is encouraged and where individual achievement is both recognized and celebrated by the company as a whole.
Human Resources Development

In the twenty-first century landscape, companies must compete in a complex and challenging environment that is being transformed by many factors, from globalization technological development and increasingly rapid diffusion of new technology, to the development and use of knowledge. This new landscape requires companies to do things differently in order to survive and prosper.

Among a company's intangible resources, human capital may be the most important and critical for competitive advantage because it is the most difficult to imitate. Any company that seeks a competitive advantage through human resources must acquire the "right" resources and take the steps required to leverage them.

In order to offer our clients a more comprehensive service we have developed an association with a company that specializes in Human Resources Development, Organisational Development and Career Development.

All programmes are registered with the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) and the Services SETA.

Comprehensive details of Programmes & Assessments offered are available on request.

Placement Fee Structure & Guarantees

Enhance "Your partnerships in recruitment" by using our world-class services and leading opportunities. Our standard placement fee is 17.5% of total annual remuneration including salary and all taxable benefits. Payment terms are 10 days from commencement of employment. In this regard, comprehensive information can be obtained from our Standard Terms of Business document.
Thank you kindly for the opportunity of introducing ourselves. We want & need your business, and through an effective recruitment and selection process, we will earn the right to develop a mutually beneficial partnership with you in the future.

Providing in-depth understanding of our customers and candidate's needs and priorities.

Detailed information on our Consultants and their career area of specialization is reflected under the "Career Opportunities" and "Contact Us" sub menus.

MCT Marketing - Your Partner in Recruitment.
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